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Estate Sales Charges

Our charges are up to 40 % - commission.  We deduct them from the proceeds of the sale. No upfront costs to you. No hidden charges. First, on site evaluation and consultation  free of charge.

We are open to discuss special financial arrangements to meet your needs and/or requirements.

We are insured with reputable insurance companies at no cost to you.

We accept credit card, debit card, check payments for your items.

We absorb credit card and check payment costs.  Inclusive -  possible post sale credit card, check, items return.

The % we receive covers all the necessary expenses to prepare and conduct the sale: evaluation of the items, our employs, general clean up before and after the sale, supplies, minor repairs, touch ups to the items for sale,  pricing and labeling all the items, decorating the estate for a more expensive presentation, advertisement, equipment, security, assistants, consultants for special items, moving & loading heavy itemsPosting pictures on our websites to attract buyers for each group of items.
Presentation and delivery of certain items to reputable auction houses to receive a higher sale price ( if necessary). The more we collect from the buyers, the more we sell, the more we make.

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